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Dr. Ahmet

27 Jan. 2019


Subject: applying for the position of a Bioregulatory Medicine Assistant for Dr.Ahmet


Respected Dr. Ahmet,



I, Shengyi Wang am writing this letter to you to apply for the challenging yet very interesting position of a Bioregulatory Medicine Assistant for Dr.Ahmet. I came across the opportunity since I have assisted health check sessions in Xian, Nov. 2018.


Considering education background, I completed a master degree in International Relations from Hult International Business School, London campus, 2011. Previously I finished a dual Bachelor degree program from Xian International Studies University in Western Literature and Humboldt State University in International Business, 2010.  All my education experience provided me a good global view, a sound mindset of learning and some professional skills.


Considering working experience, I firstly tutored Chinese in Humboldt State University, which enlightened my interest of teaching and working in education field. Secondly I positioned as a public administrator for China Tobacco, Xian branch. My PA job includes assisting small legal cases, inventory management and customer services. I have attained more patience and essential office skills. Thirdly I had a short cooperation with Omni Green Inc. in the U.S, which introduced me to health care products, especially fiber. Fourthly, I volunteered as a Mandarin Instructor for, in Islamabad, Pakistan. I was reported on China Global Television Network (CGTN), Nov. 2017.


With my background and my strong interest in health and education, I believe I shall comfortably work with Dr. Ahmet, culturally and linguistically. If given a chance, I would produce quality work, good communication and creativity. I sincerely hope that Dr. Ahmet can guide me into this new field.


Thanking you,




Shengyi Wang