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The Bulono is a free online resume template based on simplicity. It is designed in a minimalistic style and has all the most important sections needed for an effective representation of people who like simplicity, clarity and above all high functionality.

    free resume template

    Responsive Bar Chart

    Here is a way to portray your skills and abilities in the best possible way. The Responsive Bar Chart gives you the opportunity to rate yourself on a scale of one to five, from beginner to expert. The Bar Chart is animated and fully responsive. Every time you change your skill level the bars will shift accordingly.

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    Responsive templates

    All our online templates are fully responsive and perfectly visible on all modern devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


    Easy to customize

    Online resume templates are great for customization. Users can change color schemes, background colors, patterns, upload photos for portfolio, set up personal photo for resume background and in that way create almost unlimited number of unique resume looks.


    Awesome template design

    Design of online resume templates are based on simplicity, clarity and above all high functionality. Our design is different, much better and more beautiful than the classic online resumes on the market.


    Cloud editing

    All online resume templates are very easy to edit and can be edited online only, which means that you can log in at any time and edit your resume as long as you have internet access. No programming or design knowledge is required.


    Resume SEO

    SEO for online resume is a big deal for You and us. Your published resume on ResumeRepublic places itself quickly and in a good position in search engines. When someone type your name into Google, your resume will appear in the list of results.


    Great resume statistics

    Users can monitor their online resume’s trafic all the time. Which means that user can see how many times his resume is: viewed by unique visitors, viewed in total, download and printed.


    QR code

    All online resume templates comes with integrated QR code. Creation of QR code is automatic from contact info you entered into resume. QR code is positioned under the user’s image and can be activated with small QR code button on user’s image.


    Resume promotion

    Promote online resume in the best possible way. Send your resume with cover letter directly to employer. Save resume as PDF or print resume if you like to have resume on paper. Share your resume on favorite social networks.

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    Take advantage of different template designs. Customize your resume design to your personality or the current situation. Choose one of the memberships that best suits your needs.


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    Is for people who need basic online resume without any premium options and extras such as: portfolio, printing, cover letter etc…


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    For those who want access to all premium resume templates. The ultimate solution with all premium bells and whistles.



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