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Talented graphic designer with more than six years of experience as a freelancer and independent contractor. Extensive background in the preparation of business related media, such as web design or printed advertising. I assist in the conceptualization of ideas by producing industry standard web layouts, color pallets, wireframes, graphics and icons. 



Apr 2015 - May 2017

Assistant Sales Manager

Avail Vapor LLC

Richmond , VA, United States

Manage all front of house operations such as cleaning, stocking, and organizing. I handled inventory, trained my staff, and was the chief salesman of that location.

Feb 2013 - Mar 2015

Door security/waitress/bartender

Baja Bean co.

Richmond, VA, United States

As door security, my duties were to abide by all Federal ABC laws by denying entry to those 20 years or younger, to check everyone's ID thoroughly, and to refer to the sheriff if situations were to get out of hand. As a waitress, I delivered food and beverages to patron's tables for parties and cocktail events, and I bartended the non dining patrons.

Jun 2011 - Feb 2012


Brook's Diner

Richmond, VA, United States

I delivered food and beverages to tables, kept the dining room clean and closed tabs out at the front register.

Jul 2011 - Aug 2011

Garnishment Clerk

Dominion Law Associates

Virginia Beach , VA, United States

I was responsible for functions related to the accurate and timely preparation of involuntary wage deductions.

Dec 2012 - Present

Freelance Artist

Huff Illustrations

I have worked for myself since graduating high school. I have been commissioned based on my experience in brand design and quick logo making, as well as portraits and scenic paintings. I have completed a few full sized murals for businesses and theater sets.

Aug 2017 - Jan 2018

Independent Contractor; Graphic Designer

Process Solutions Assurance

Richmond , VA, United States

Responsible for the back end creative development and visualization of multiple web application functionalities relating to work flow process management. 

Presented visually distinct design themes with a focus on intuitiveness and simplicity for the future users associated with such applications. Provided highly detailed layout design options, wire frames, and color pallets corresponding with the requests of my client, and my own design process evaluation. 

Created unique graphics, icons, and widgets based on key functionality features which were then handed off to be inputted by the back end programmers. 

I was exposed a great deal to industry standard design methods, programs, and skills. I had many successes in implementing the knowledge I have gained into each new sprint cycle.

Jul 2017 - Present

Painting Instructor

Wine and Design

Richmond , VA, United States

Provide a pleasant and conducive atmosphere to the reproduction of paintings assigned for the evening. Introduce, tips, methods and techniques to leave patrons with a more rewarding and educative experience.


Jun 2008 - Dec 2012


Virginia Commonwealth University

Richmond, VA, United States

I graduated with a degree in Communication Arts. With a focus in technical drawing, and digital illustration.

Sep 2007 - Dec 2008

Art School Certificate

Governor's School for the Arts

Norfolk, VA, United States

Governor's school was an after school program which students would be challenged more academically, musically, or artistically . I completed two years and graduated with a focus in drawing and painting.

Sep 2004 - Aug 2008

High School

Churchland High School

Portsmouth , VA, United States

With my focus in art, I excelled in the Magnet Art program where I recieved much acknowledgement from teachers and classmates, and those accreditations propelled me into The Governor's School for the Arts after school program in Norfolk Va.







  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Indesign

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • After Effects

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Office

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Jun 2007

First Place Jurored Art Exhibition


Norfolk, VA, United States







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