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Sep 2016 - Nov 2017

Information Systems Supervisor

Broward County

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

o   Investigated 40 call issues related to 911 (i.e. equipment issues, mis-routed calls, incorrect addresses)

o   Verified 50 addresses for routing to the correct PSAP and assigned correct PSAP for Cell Tower routing, carrier audit of Verizon, ATT, and Sprint routing for over a 1000 cell sites in Broward County

o   Satellite Phone Coordinator   (i.e. testing, resolving issues, deployment)

o   Working with Broward County PSAP’s and Sheriff’s office to resolve technical issues and set up training

o   Process invoices related to training, satellite phones, language translation services

o   Set up Sharepoint to share team documents

Jun 1997 - Mar 2016

Senior Network Design Engineer


Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

o   Designed Diameter Signaling Connectivity to TATA, Syniverse, Jasper, Aiscent, BICS

o   Award winning #1 device tester out of 30 for 2 years that looked for problems with pre-market release devices, found 80 bugs

o   Engineered National Signaling Network that connects ATT Nodes to Signaling Network and Interconnection to other carrier signaling networks

o   Established Caribbean and cruise ship connectivity to domestic voice and data networks

o   Represented AT&T in T1S1.3 Standards Committee, including numbering of private network point codes and ownership of point codes

o   Established working relationships with North American Wireless Carriers (Rogers, Telcel, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile)

o   Engineered Signaling Network conversion from 56k Signaling Links to High Speed Signaling Links to IP Signaling Links for 100+ nodes

o   Engineered Signaling Connectivity for ATT Local Network Services to Mobility Signaling Network for 100+ nodes

o   Engineered Signaling Connectivity for new GSM nodes – 50+

o   Promoted to Senior Network Design Engineer

o   Analyzed and debugged ANSI and ITU SS7 MTP/ISUP/SCCP/TCAP, ANSI 41 MAP, GSM MAP protocols on ATT Signaling Network and utilize Agilent ACCESS7 to resolve network issues

o   Engineering support for North American Cellular Network (NACN) that worked with 20+ carriers

o   Engineered Network Consolidation and Network Redesign for 300+ nodes

o   Analyzed traffic reports and issued capacity upgrades for the signaling network – 300+ nodes

o   Engineered signaling network integration of acquired markets, LA/Bay Area Cellular, Telecorp, Cingular/ATT Wireless, Edge, Dobson

o   No Longer with the position – laid off in March 2016 due to 10% workforce reduction




Jan 1985 - Apr 1986

Master's of Applied Science

Florida Atlantic University

BOCA RATON, FL, United States

Master of Applied Science in Computer Systems was completed.

Jan 1983 - Dec 1984

Bachelors of Applied Science

Florida Atlantic University

BOCA RATON, FL, United States

Bachelor's of Applied Science in Computer Systems was completed.







  • Telecommunications Nework Design

  • Wireless Network Design

  • Project Management

  • Device Testing

  • Software Testing

Charted Electrical Engineer

Charted Electrical Engineer in the U.K.

Notary Public

Florida Notary Public







Clock Making





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