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I thrive on creating unique solutions to seemingly impossible problems.  I'm passionate about Continuous Improvement and the process of motivating teams to acheive more.  There's nothing more exciting that seeing positive results after deeply digging into a problem.  I have a proven, broad background in Industrial Engineering, Continuous Improvement, Plant Management, Capital Project Management and Process Engineering.



Apr 1991 - Feb 2000

Senior Technical Specialist- Industrial Engineering

The Walt Disney Company

Lake Buena Vista, FL, United States

Various operations roles from 1991 to 1994 prior to joining the Industrial Engineering Department.

As part of the Disney IE Team, I designed, lead, executed and analyzed large scale labor, throughput and performance improvement studies.  Partnered with park operations, maintenance and transportation leadership to provide baseline performance data, reccommend changes, aid in implementation and measure the results.

  • Lead complete study that improved Monorail throughput and guest satisfaction while improving the availability of trains for maintenance and repairs.  Improved guest satisfaction by reducing the number of unplanned stops when trains en route.
  • Introduced an new electronic method of data collection and reporting that greatly shortened the analysis time.
  • Co-lead annual study that Senior Disney Management relied upon to understand pedestrian movement, attraction utilization, restaurant wait times and other key operational parameters.

Promoted to next position.

Feb 2000 - Jun 2001

Labor Analyst- Disney's Animal Kingdom

The Walt Disney Company

Lake Buena Vista, FL, United States

Using tools such as resort bookings, park hours, seasonality, expected weather and attendace projections, I performed analyses to forecast when guests might arrive in specific areas.  These forecasts were used to develop finite work schedules to ensure the right amount of labor was in place just ahead of demand.

  • Reduced guest average wait times in merchandise and food operations throughout Disney's Animal Kingdom.
  • Guest experience improved by ensuring excess labor was re-deloyed to areas of need.
  • This work served as a pre-cursor to the very popular Disney "Fast Pass" system.

Left due to heavy layoffs during poor economy.

Jun 2001 - Feb 2005

Industrial Engineer

Publix Super Markets

Lakeland, FL, United States

Responsible for improving manufacturing processes throught the Bakery Plant.  This was a cross-disciplinary role with flexibility to improve labor and production line efficiency, source capital equipment, design processes and implement production improvements.  This is where I found my passion for manufacturing and continuous improvement.

  • Sourced and commissioned new icing production line that repatriated 10 million annual pounds of product.
  • Implemented continuous mixing and aeration system that allowed company to enter Angel Food Cake business.
  • Started up bar cake line that consolidated production from 850 stores into our facility.  Used basic Lean principles to improve line cadence which drove new crew to exceed throughput and quality standards in 2 weeks.
  • Created capacity planning models to project when facility would need to pursue additional production capacity.
  • Improved hoagie roll line efficiency by about 20% which allowed repatriation of outsourced production for 200 stores.
  • Set all internal plant standards as part of the SAP implementation team, helping make the transfer from outdated legacy systems.

Left Florida for a fresh start after severe hurricane season.

Apr 2005 - Aug 2006

Process Improvement Manager

The Schwan Food Company

Marshall, MN, United States

In this role I completed production improvement projects while facilitating a culture of process improvement in the Specialty Foods, Ice Cream and Beverage facilities.  I built teams and processes tasked with reducing waste and improving team member safety, earning corporate recognition for techniques in Root Cause Analysis and a team member owned continuous improvement program.

  • Saved $500,000 by improving bar code readability that eliminated the need to acquire new equipment.
  • Implemented elements of Lean Manufacturing to reduce damage of costly production dies.
  • Created Lean "Andon" system using a simple network of work stations and visual queues to ensure product weight accuracy.
  • Trained peers in Root Cause Analysis and other Lean tools.  Methodology was so popular that I was invited to train other Schwan's manufacturing facilities.
  • Developed and implemented a Continuous Improvement Program that allowed employees to create their own solutions to problems.  In the first year, over 300 ideas were submitted with a 50% idea adoption rate.  Over 50% of projects were safety related, allowing Specialty Foods Plant to raise safety performance from worst to best.
  • Analyzed machine performance in Ice Cream plant to build a business case for new capital equipment, reducing waste on expensive nut products by about 15%.

Promoted to Manufacturing Manager

Aug 2006 - Mar 2008

Manufacturing Manager

The Schwan Food Company

Marshall, MN, United States

Responsible for leading all manufacturing operations in the Specialty Foods plant with 8 full scale production lines and 180 employees.  Accountable for labor, material utilization and efficiency plant-wide.

  • Through focus on basic metrics such as on-time starts and downtime, set 3 plant-wide monthly attainment records and dropped direct labor costs by 5%.
  • Through employee involvement and Continuous Improvement, reduced Lost Work Days from 8 to 0 year over year.
  • Implemented a Statistical Process Control pilot program that reduced waste on one product by $340,000.
  • Developed a tracking and analysis tool to spot trends in Customer Complaints that reduced Foreign Object incidents by 25%.  Methodology was utilized by all other Schwan's plants.
  • Successfully started up a unique "Toastwich" production line which became a top 10 Home Service seller.

Inducted into the Senior Executive Development Program and Promoted.

Mar 2008 - Oct 2009

Plant Director

The Schwan Food Company

Houston, TX, United States

As a Senior Executive Development Program assignment, I was responsible for turn-around performance of 2 plants with a total of 2000 employees.  Key focus was reducing total cost to produce through improving labor and materials performance while maintaining quality.

  • By measuring and attacking waste on the high volume lines, we improved line attainment from an average 85% to the high 90% range with consitent 100% streaks.
  • Partnered with sales team in Minneapolis to drive new meal kit business that helped absorb overhead.
  • When Hurricane Ike caused operations to stop for nearly a month, we rallied and beat plan for the year.
  • In one year the plant performance to budget improved from a $2 million deficit to about $2 million surplus.
  • Reached out to the local community by starting a "guest reader" program with local elementary schools.

Left to pursue other opportunities.

Oct 2009 - Jun 2013

Vice President of Operations

Steven Roberts Original Desserts

Aurora, CO, United States

This was as broad spectrum role responsible for manufacturing, maintenance, sanitation and warehouse operations but also for working with customers to develop new products, source capital equipment and lead general improvement activities.  As a smaller but rapidly growing producer, it was necessary to wear many hats outside of the traditional VP role.

  • Created the process of producing cake pops for Starbucks.  This product was key to fueling SROD's rapid growth and is the largest seller in the customer's bakery case.
  • Facilitated the startup of a layered desserts line for Darden restaruants which became a core menu item.
  • Developed a network of used equipment suppliers and acquired several key systems such as ovens and depositors saving 50% or more over new equipment.
  • Introduced the company to automation by co-developing a robotic stick insertion machine, providing the basis for future labor improvments.
  • Started up a new facility in the Southeast in an economically depressed area.  Trained and mentored employees that largely had never worked in manufacturing.
  • Successfully designed, purchased and commissioned a new production line for  a nationally distributed Marie Calendar's  product.
  • Co-developed a patent-pending process for a unique decorated cookie that has become a major seasonal seller for the Starbucks.

As company grew, changed positions to focus on Innovation and Capital Projects

Jun 2013 - Jun 2016

Head of Engineering and Capital Projects

Steven Roberts Original Desserts

Aurora, CO, United States

Responsible for capital projects and developing manufacturing processes to support extreme company growth.  As new products were envisioned by customers, it was my responsibility to create and refine the manufacturing process through automation, equipment testing and experimentation.  In many cases these were products not only new to the company but to the marketplace in general.

  • Lead the development and procurement of a patent-pending robotic automation process for cake pops, reducing direct labor from 75+ employees per line to about 25 while increasing throughput by about 300% and improving quality.  This process is a one-of-a-kind first in the industry.
  • Partnered with companies throughout the USA, Europe and China to automated existing and new processes in chocolate enrobing and rotary molding.
  • Through a partnership with a Belgian supplier, robotically automated a cookie decorating process for a leading seller at Starbucks.  This automation has allowed the company to further expand its cookie offerings.
  • Lead the partnership with equipment suppliers to develop the process to bake cakes onto a wooden stick using a waffle-type production system paired with stick insertion from the ice cream industry.  Partnered with oven manufacturer and downstream robotics provider to create a truly unique product now in national distribution.  This was the first fully automated line developed from the start at SROD.

Left to explore sales

Jun 2016 - Present

Area Sales Manager

Franz Haas Machinery of America

Firestone, CO, United States

Responsible for building a customer base in the Western US and Canada for Haas, Meincke and MondoMix Business Units through superior customer service, leveraging my industry experience and providing world-class manufacturing solutions.  Came to work for Franz Haas after successfully partnering with them during the Cake Bar project at SROD.  Responsible for customer satisfaction, sale of capital equipment such as industrial ovens, depositing systems, product aeration and wafer and waffle systems.  Decided to explore sales to further develop industry knowledge and further 'round out' industry experience.

  • Currently working with a new customer to develop a unique snacks process using wafer equipment traditionally used to produce sweet goods.
  • In first year, developed a relationship with 17 new customers that have never been called on with a sales potential over $20 million.  This includes major national players in the salad dressing, Greek Yogurt and other non-traditional channels.
  • Sold 2 of 3 longest industrial ovens ever produced for a large cracker manufacturer for a $5 million order.
  • Due to personnel changes around the time of my arrival, I took over several large accounts where the customers felt neglected and forgotten.  Over the past 6 months I've renewed their confidence in the company and have fulfilled several new project requests.
  • Continuing partnership with past employer to refine and improve existing equipment in order to sell improved versions of the cake bar line.
  • Driving increased turn over in the MondoMix line that has traditionally been overlooked.


Sep 1987 - Dec 1991

Bachelor of Science- Industrial Technology, Manufacturing Management

Morehead State University

Morehead, KY, United States

Jan 2006 - Present

ThinkReliability! Cause Mapping


Houston, TX, United States

Aug 2005 - Present

Situational Leadership

Schwans University

Marshall, MN, United States

Sep 2007 - Present

Kepner Trego Decision Making

Schwans University

Marshall, MN, United States

Nov 2007 - Present

Business Impact Leadership

Development Dimensions International

Marshall, MN, United States

Sep 2007 - Present

Lean Interprise Mini-Masters

St. Thomas University

Minneapolis, MN, United States


Jun 1997

Disney's Partners in Excellence

Performance Excellence and Guest Service

Sep 1998

Disney's Guest Service Fanatic

Promoting Disney Values

Jun 2003

Publix- QIP Winner

Supporting the Quality Improvement Process

Oct 2015

United States Patent Pending

Process of baking wooden sticks directly into product

Oct 2015

United States Patent Pending

Coating melting process onto cookie base

Jun 2015

United States Patent Pending

Process of dipping product into coating



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