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To secure a position that offers my ability to utilize my existing skills as the Director of Security. I present a professional and polished appearance with strong communication and diplomacy skills in all aspects of the security, executive protection and the investigative industry.  A proven track record implementing, managing processes which result in reduced incidents. I bring effective communication skills resulting in problem-solving on all levels.


I possess a high degree of integrity, loyalty, persistence, and adaptability, and have skills specializing in project development and deployment, quality assurance, investigations, human resources, training, scheduling, safety, budget, recruiting, reports, staffing, corrective actions, timekeeping, customer briefings, inventory, writing policies and procedures. I am able to multiple tasks while maintaining high ethical standards. In this industry, there are no second chances to get it right.





Jan 2003 - Present

Executive Director of Security

Protection Security Associates, Inc.

Nottingham, MD, United States

  • Write, plan, develop and manage the physical security programs, personal protection, and investigation teams. Meet with the operations and detail leaders regularly ensuring all compliance standards are met.
  • Responsible for the development of an efficient and safe operation of the physical security and investigative operations.
  • Provides security and protection for all contract facilities, and personnel to preclude unauthorized access, theft or intentional destruction. Meet with the operations and detail leaders regularly ensuring all compliance standards are met.
  • Manage the development and implementation of access and perimeter control operational procedures, conveying and verifying security requirements.
  • Manage the loss prevention and detection services and enforces client administrative procedures. Develop and manage the corrective actions to upgrade the physical and technical posture of worksites.
  • Manage the development and enhancement of physical security inspections and procedures to prevent safety hazards, and ensuring proper procedures are followed. Ensure all licenses and certifications are current with the agency and employees. Oversee insurance, budgets, payroll, and tax obligations.
  • Act as the liaison to the client contractors and operators in the areas of design and implementation of physical security systems. Meet with existing clients on a regular basis to make sure their needs are being met to maintain positive relationships.
  • Meet with existing clients on a regular basis to make sure their needs are being met and to maintain positive relationships. Assist the client in implementing new physical security measures and the use of proper surveillance cameras and equipment. Work Closely with Event Managers to ensure a successful event. Meeting with prospective clients and reviewing all potential client proposals.
  • Train investigators in the use of surveillance equipment, techniques and state laws pertaining to private investigators. Train new staff and executive protection teams to ensure all company standards and safety protocols, laws, rules, and regulations are being followed.
  • Identify and recommend electronic access control equipment designed to detect unauthorized entry into client facilities or property.
  • Monitor the performance and assignments of security and protection staff.  Make sporadic inspections to ensure they are properly equipped, trained and fulfilling their duties with the client and in compliance state policies.
  • Direct the personnel responsible for electronic and physical security, evaluate performance, and develop processes and procedures to minimize risk.
  • Monitor and direct the Emergency Response operational plans and related activities as required
  • Coordinate physical security administrative and operational matters with local law enforcement and the client to ensure continuity of operations. Oversee the special security operations, protection details, and investigations. Review all client services, travel, logistics and advance details to ensure a seamless operation
  • Ongoing communication with Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Officials in advance of all investigations, security details and protection assignments to ensure everyone involved is aware of concerns and to ensure the safety of all involved. I am active in all hiring events and HR operations including team building and exercises.

By maintaining an active membership and certifications in the "National Domestic Preparedness Coalition" and the Maryland Chapter of "InfraGard" through the local FBI I am always up to date with all security threats and new information to train and combat threats to our country.


Sep 2009 - Present

Operational Value of Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability

National Domestic Preparedness Coalition

South Park, PA, United States

Our Mission is to bring together Homeland and National Security Professionals so that they can share information and support the common goal of ensuring that our homelands are safe, secure, and resilient against terrorism and other hazards, whether man-made or natural and to protect our interests and ways of life.

Jul 2003 - Present

Private Detective LIcense

Maryland State Police

Pikesville , MD, United States

Private Detective License #106-3011 Required to provide private detective and executive protection services.

Jul 2003 - Present

Security Guard License

Maryland State Police

Pikesville, MD, United States

Security Guard License #106-3011 Required to provide security services.


Memberships – Associations – Certifications – Awards
  • InfraGard - Maryland Chapter
  • DHS – TRIPwire (bomb detection)
  • ASIS International
  • National Sheriffs Association
  • Received the “Tip of the Wing” Award October 22, 2000, from the Baltimore Ravens for outstanding leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills. 
  • National Domestic Preparedness Coalition;  Active Shooter, Threats, Risk and Vulnerability - Certification Class of 09-09 South Park, PA
  • National Association of Investigative Specialists (NAIS)
  • Advisory Board Member, Criminal Justice,  Brightwood College, Beltsville, MD
  • Private Detective License and Certification
  • Security Guard License and Certification
  • Personal Protection Specialist
  • Security Consultant
  • Risk Assessments & Loss Prevention