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Web Developer

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Work Experience

2018 - Present

Urban International Realty

Executive Assistant / Web Developer

Miami, FL, United States

  •  Maintained company and realtor websites
  • Built simple CRM to handle followups and client registrations on landing page for a joint venture with other professionals (Proyecto Miami below)
  • Designed newsletters and emails on Mailchimp to send in mass to large numbers of clients and filter and organize the relevant records, as well as submit reports regarding the success of such email campaigns.

2018 - 2019

Proyecto Miami

Web Developer

Miami, FL, FL, United States

As an agent of Urban International Realty, I designed Proyecto Miami's original landing page. Later, when the volume of registrations on the page grew too large to manage manually, I built a simple CRM for them with:

  • Authentication using Bcrypt gem
  • First Bootstrap, then W3.css framework for styling
  • A schedule of emails at set intervals activated upon creation of client record, to automatically send real estate newsletters, informational pamphlets, and follow-up questionnaires. Used SendGrid, Delayed Job, and the Heroku Scheduler.
  • Notifications sent to users when new client record was created, using SendGrid
  • Client model and Followup model with client foreign key; dashboard to summarize lead generation and followups using data  dynamically inserted into view 
  • Reports model which users instantiated by choosing a date range; the Report object would list and count all the lead registrations and followup interactions created during the chosen range
  • Search bar in several views to search for records by matching input with any of the fields in the desired record; this was needed especially to record followups, which require specifying a foreign key from a large table of clients and would in its absence need scrolling down a long list 

2013 - 2018

Cardona-Diaz & Hernandez PL

Immigration Paralegal

Miami, FL, United States

Found creative ways of framing arguments in favor of foreign applicants who wanted Resident Alien status or a Visa to enter the country. Compiled evidence, wrote letter with argument, and handled appeals and repeat applications.


2017 - 2018

Full Stack Web Development Program

Wyncode Academy

Miami, FL, FL, United States

Wyncode Academy Languages: Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Frameworks and Technologies: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Postgres, SQL, Bootstrap Concepts: Git, Agile, REST, TDD, MVC Github:

❖ Built a Photogur clone using Ruby on Rails and added a feature that turned posted pictures into sliding puzzles with jQPuzzle, a jQuery plug-in

❖ Built a Ruby on Rails application for making and organizing charitable donations using Bootstrap, Stripe, and Bcrypt

❖ Built an Amazon clone using Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS where users can create an account and review products

2010 - 2014

Bachelor's Degree in English Literature

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, FL, United States

Graudated Cum Laude, with a 3.6 GPA








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