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I am a driven professional bringing an extensive background in behavioral health and human service management. I am organized, resourceful, and detail-oriented with exceptional writing, editing, and decision making abilities. I am ambitious and have approximately 8 years of mental health experience. I can exhibit excellent communication, problem solving, and strategic planning skills. I am passionate about helping others and talented in working with a diverse population.


phone // (520) 954-0977


Aug 2016 - Present


ESI / Tucson Unified School District


Prepared and planned for daily lessons and assessments for students to include those with learning disabilities and mental health issues. Provide instruction through lessons, discussions, and demonstrations with use of creative engagement, effective classroom management, and provided elementary curriculum while abiding by state standards. Include restorative circle time into daily routines to address mental health needs of all students. Maintained record of student activity and kept data of progress with consistent evaluation and record keeping. Parent communication kept daily to ensure student progress. Provided report cards and progress reports of student development and their progress. Coordinate and conducted parent-teacher conferences. Attended a variety of professional development workshops, team meetings, and other trainings. Made copies and used other office equipment as well as use of computer programs and databases. Maintain communication with office staff and nurses regarding students with medical and mental health issues and any medications needed daily. Supervision of all children during learning and play to ensure safety and healthy learning.

Feb 2016 - Jul 2016


La Frontera Centera


Managed a caseload of 25 mental health members at any given time. Services included explanation of the program and requirements to members, answering related   questions, referring members to partner agencies for additional services to include food, clothing, housing, job assistance, etc. Met with clients one-on-one in and out of office to determine needed services and to make appropriate treatment recommendations based on individual situation. Collaborated with team members to identify and accomplish agency objectives. Maintained records and documentation through a centralized database to ensure all involved team members were up-to-date on case records. Attended several trainings to stay current with changing procedures, mental health issues and services available, as well as other educational resources that helped improve member assistance.

Apr 2015 - Feb 2016


Catholic Social Services of Southern Arizona


Provided direct services to include home study assessments and case management with regular supervision involving dependent children. Supervision and recommendation of certification or licensure of families requesting permanent placement of displaced children. After interview and evaluation of living conditions as well as mental health issues, finances, and other procedural factors, a recommendation would be made to either place the child with requesting placement or seek other placement. Connected families with child care and welfare services in Pima and Pinal Counties. Conducted guardianship, kinship, relative & non-relative home studies for children who were Court Wards of the State. Completed properly written reports of home studies to present in court hearings.

Nov 2008 - Jul 2011


Arizona Department of Economic Security


Adjudications of unemployment claims according to state policies. Communicating effectively and clearly both orally and in writing with claimants and their employers. Conducted sufficient research to assess and make appropriate claim determinations. Provided customer service and answered incoming calls of inquiry. Monitored cases for time sensitive deadlines, entered data and maintained records of all claims and contact.

Sep 2006 - Nov 2008


Law Office of Thrush, Clark & Pahl


Process and maintain personal injury cases to be presented in court. Calendar and maintain multiple case logs and records. Monitors cases for time sensitive deadlines, receive incoming telephone calls, greet visitors, screens visitors and clients, and provide information and customer service. Monitor case activity, maintain calendars, schedule clients for appointments, prepare monthly reports for management, enter case notes, keep a logs, attend required training and meetings. File accordingly, generated and composed correspondence, set consultations, retrieve, screen, sort, and distributed mail, process money transactions, order, inventory, and stock supplies.

Aug 2005 - Sep 2006


Cottonwood De Tucson


Provided direct supervision of female adolescents in a behavioral health facility. Inspections of living areas with monitoring and record keeping of behaviors and activity for treatment plan. Interaction with patients to encourage program participation. Client and patient service / assistance. Transportation to and from activities/classes. Collaborate with counselors and parents to assist with treatment plan. Monitor visitation to ensure safety. Maintained case logs and updated medical records when medications taken. Screen and distributed mail. Provide customer service, greet visitors and provided information regarding programs. Provide transportation to any appointments. Notified supervisor of emergencies, provided and maintained supervision and security of client’s activities. Applied disciplinary measure as needed. Maintained a safe, orderly work environment. Performed various types of searches and counts. Maintained control of keys, tools, equipment, restricted products and confidential information. Initiated and complete reports to submit timely. Attended required training and meetings. Maintained confidentiality. Adhered to all facility rules and regulations.

Jan 2003 - Jul 2005


Marana Treatment Facility


Coordinated offender work crews, including recruitment, training, supervision, and assessment of crew supervisors within the treatment facility. Conducted training for staff to include informational and instructional orientation for offenders to explain program. Attended required training and meetings with upper management. Provided direct supervision of WIPP Supervisors. Conducted offender interviews and evaluations of work completed. Made recommendations, completed inspections and evaluations of offender work; evaluations of staff responsibilities. Review, read, and researched concerns from offenders. Responded to complaints. Recorded offender work hours. Processed payroll. Maintained multiple cases, logs, and records. Researched, gathered, analyzed and compiled various reports regarding pay and budgets. Generated and composed correspondence. Set appointments and consultations. Provided customer service and took incoming calls of inquiry. Assisted accounting administrator as needed. Complete other office tasks as needed.

Sep 2001 - Jan 2003


Marana Treatment Facility


Coordination of visitation procedures within the treatment facility housing adult male offenders to include offenders with mental health issues. Conducted searches of visitors entering facility. Monitored all activity and recorded behavior of offenders. Maintained a safe and orderly environment. Notified supervisors of emergency situations as needed. Properly communicating and collaborating with coworkers to ensure a safe environment. Conducted myself in a professional and courteous manner. Remain alert to suspicious activity. Apply disciplinary measures as necessary. Searched visitation areas and offenders before and after for contraband items. Maintained control of keys, and equipment as required. Filled out incident reports properly and completely as needed. Conducted regular security checks as required. Settled disputes and provide requested information to inquiries. Supervise a work crew to keep are clean and sanitary/log time and hours. Attended regular training and meetings. Prepare monthly and quarterly reports for upper management. Generated and composed correspondence. As the front desk visitation offer, provide customer service and respond to concerns or complaints in a professional and courteous manner. Communicate with various agencies daily. Adhered to all rules and regulations.

Dec 1999 - Sep 2001


Arizona Department of Corrections


Supervision of adult and juvenile male offenders in a maximum facility prison to include work assignment in mental health wing location. Monitored all activity and recorded behavior while maintaining a safe and orderly work environment. Responded to emergency situations and notify response teams and supervisors as needed. Properly communicating and collaborating with coworkers to ensure a safe environment. Conducted myself in a professional and courteous manner. Searched offenders and cells for contraband items. Restrained and escorted offenders as needed. Maintained control of keys, and equipment as required. Distributed store items, books, mail, and meals. Filled out incident reports properly and completely as needed. Conducted regular security checks as required. Settled disputes and enforced disciplinary actions as needed. Adhered to all rules and regulations set by the state.


Nov 1999 - Dec 1999


Correctional Officer Training Academy (C.O.T.A.)

Tucson, AZ, United States

-to include 33 hours of Medical and Mental Health care and 53 hours of Conflict and Crisis Management

Oct 2010 - Oct 2012


University of Phoenix

Tucson, AZ, United States

Oct 2012 - Jun 2014


University of Phoenix

Tucson, AZ, United States







  • Monitoring/Assessing

  • Written and Verbal Communication

  • Coordination

  • Teamwork

  • Service Orientation

  • Social Perceptiveness

  • Time Management

  • Trauma Training

CPR & First Aid Certified

Certified until Feb 2018

Fingerprint Clearance Card

Level One - Expires 11/2021