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Dedicated, hardworking lead veterinarian with integrity and a strong work ethic with more than 16 years of experience as well as a vast set of skills and specialist areas with a passion for production animals. I always endeavor to provide the highest care to the animals I treat, whilst treating their owners with utmost respect and compassion. I have a fulfilling and rewarding career in animal care, build on a solid base of knowledge and skills.




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Dec 2004 - Apr 2006


Heilbron Veterinary clinic

Heilbron, South Africa

Mixed animal veterinary practice. 50% Companion animals and 50% large animals, including bovine (dairy and beef) ovine and equine. Starting my career under the supervision/training of a brilliant large animal veterinarian with 25 years of experience.

Apr 2006 - Apr 2007


Klipriver Animal Clinic

Meyerton, South Africa

Mixed animal practice. 80% companion animals, 10% equine and 10% abattoir work. Focus here was to gain more experience in companion animal work and responsible for all the abattoir work/inspections. Worked and trained under the leadership of a lead veterinarian with 15+ years as a companion animal specialist.

Apr 2007 - Apr 2014

Lead veterinarian and partner

Harrismith animal hospital

Harrismith, South Africa

Mixed animal practice with 50% companion animal work and 50% large animal work. Large animal work include bovine, (diary and beef), as well as ovine and equine.

Responsibilities include management of practice, as well as personnel management, which comprised of three veterinarians and seven support staff. Received a lot of support and guidance here from the two other lead veterinarians with 60+ years of experience combined.

Companion animal work included general surgery, orthopedics, reproductive work, as well as work up of more complicated cases.

Large animal work included bovine and ovine herd health, bull breeding soundness evaluations, cow pregnancy testing, implementing and execution of AI programs as well as general equine work and equine embryo flushing and reproductive work.

Mentoring and training of veterinary students annually, as well as mentoring junior veterinarian after retirement of other senior vet.


Apr 2014 - Present

Lead veterinarian and practice owner

Platberg animal hospital

Harrismith, South Africa

Started a new mixed animal practice comprised of 60% large animals and 40% companion animals. Managing all aspects of startup of practice including planning and equip of practice to comply with standards as set by South African veterinary council, personnel recruitment and marketing for extra clientele base build up. Practice comprise of two veterinarians, locum veterinarians as needed, as well as 7 support staff.

Companion and large animal work including all aspects previously mentioned, with more focus on bovine beef cattle management and reproductive work. In 2019, average work done, were approximately 1200 bull breeding examinations, 30 000 pregnancy examinations on beef cows, and 6000 beef cattle AI's with a conception rate of 55% using frozen semen and 60% using fresh semen on fixed time insemination protocols. This excludes all other large animal work as already described.

Hiring and training of a new junior veterinarian, as well as a veterinarian nurse, to focus more on the companion animal work. Also running a 24hour after hour service.


Apr 2014 - Present

Breed director

Bovelder beef studygroup

Harrismith, South Africa

Consulting as breed director of the Bovelder beef study group.

Responsibilities include:

Preventative medicine and management of large beef cattle herds.

Breeding and selection of Bovelder cattle.  

Genetics with pre-planned breeding objectives.

Fodder flow planning and strategic lick management.

Organizing and planning of farmer’s days, cattle auctions, meetings, expos, shows and other Bovelder activities with the help of my wife and other support staff.

Marketing of the Bovelder cattle breed.

Keynote speaker at various events throughout the country about breeding and herd management.

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Jan 1997 - Nov 2004


University of Pretoria/ Onderstepoort

Pretoria, South Africa


Advanced course in bovine and equine embrio flushing

Completed an advanced course in Bovine embryo flushing in South Africa.

Completed an advanced course in Equine embryo flushing in Buenos Aires, Argentinia.

Annual veterinary CPD points

Accumulation of enough CPD points as required by the South African veterinary council by attending annual companion and large animal congresses as well as publishing articles/newsletters in various media.



Apr 2006

Dormer breeder of champions

Most Dormer sheep champions bred at National show

Bloemfontein, South Africa

Aug 2018

Most progressive Senepol breeder

Senepol cattle breeding

Bloemfontein, South Africa

Mar 2012

Senior breed inspector

selection of Dormer sheep

Bloemfontein, South Africa

Aug 2000

Senior breed inspector

Sussex stud cattle selection

Bloemfontein, South Africa

Jan 2017

National breed inspector

Bovelder cattle selection

Vrede, South Africa












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