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Jul 2017

CTO & Project Manager

eCoders Voice & Data Solutions

Barcelona, Spain

eCoders is a company focused on the development of software and complex solutions, under the latest technologies available, for customers who need large loads of computation. (Some of our reference clients are Casinos and Communication Apps in Real Time)

The work I do in eCoders is that of Project Manager for partners, responsible for the continuous development of different platforms, as well as supervising the quality of the code, and synchronizing development teams in the different phases of the projects.

One of the functions that I am developing the most in this stage, is the relationship with the end customer, to be able to capture a conceptual Idea in an effective Software, enhancing the integrations with 3rd parties and ensuring the scale of the software.

I currently own a multidisciplinary development team (AngularJS / ReactJS / FrontEnd Team) and the DevOps team specialized in Go and HaskHell.

Apr 2016
Jul 2016

Project Manager & DevOps


Barcelona, Spain

The company s21Sec contacted me to develop a CPAAS system to offer Unified Communications to its employees and customers.

In this project we were involved a total of 12 people, being my position as Project Manager and DevOps manager, developing ServerSide persistence and data encryption solutions, as well as the SIP interconnection between Carriers and Platforms as a Service (twilio and trope).

In this project, I developed the technologies under NodeJS and ReactJS, in addition to providing the first VoIP exchange with Videoconference created under HaskHell.

Currently, part of that development can be accessed from the web

This project allowed us to win the NTT Data I + D + i 2017 award

Sep 2014
Apr 2017

Developer Senior / SCRUM Master


Barcelona, Spain

Work actively in the implementation of solutions and processes for the different IT departments of the company as well as the methodology of the Support and Development departments, including the management of the various development teams to achieve the company's overall objectives.

In this process, I have participated in several Software Development projects, focused on VoIP management.

- PBX Based on NodeJS + Angular, in both virtual and physical version, with currently about 500 physical units sold and about 2000 users in the cloud.
- Virtual Centrex PBX system based on Docker (the current standard for most operators is VmWare / dedicated virtualized machines).
- SoftPhone with 100% WebRTC + SIP videoconferencing system
- Integration of the Twilio technology with the products of the brand.
- Management of development of own ticketing tools for the company
- Creation / Maintenance of a customized CRM for telephone operators (Currently, with 4 companies using this product)
- Creation / Maintenance of the website of the company, as well as the area of ​​internal customers.

Also, in this position I have also worked as a PBX system builder between departments of various companies, always focused on software integrations.

Sep 2014

Project Implementation Manager

Barcelona, Spain

This project has been recurrent during the last months. I am part of one of the Bet365 groups responsible for fixing, improving and guaranteeing the stability of the platform.

For this, we have a very clear debugging routine through Tickets of the various departments, adding features to the application, as well as implement and adapt the code to future tools that are emerging.

In this position I have two people in my team, remotely, which are FrontEnd Developer (HTML5 + CSS3 + JS) and BackEnd Developer (mainly PHP and NodeJS)

Some of the tasks I have done in these updates:

- Adapt the Slots application to AngularJS
- Add Watson IBM to the user statistics
- Collaborate with the various hosting departments to perform a migration of virtual servers under VmWare to a Docker environment (Creating my computer the container, and its optimization)
- Design and implementation of new API-REST to bring more fluidity to the carding betting environment (Angular ng-route, and rendering with ReactJS under VirtualDOM)
- Code Architecture to improve the stability and the FPS of the live view of the Roulette under the Barcelona casino (Grupo Perellada)

Apr 2011
Jun 2012

Developer Senior


Barcelona, Spain

I was part of the development group of version 2.0 of the Badoo App, as well as its translation / Localization to Spanish.

In this activity, I was given a team of 6 people, including 2 of them FrontEnd Developer, 3 BackEnd Developer and 1 ProductDesigner. The main objective of our incorporation was to be able to migrate the application database use to a distributed model, instead of a local one.

To do this, we implemented a SCRUM methodology for the development team, being able to see in a clear and visual way the tasks of each team and thus be able to coordinate among ourselves, and to be able to provide better reports regarding implementation cost, matching it with the impact on user End by evaluating the ProductOwner.

The development group was multidisciplinary, in the first place we based on making the applications natively, using REST services to be able to communicate with the servers asynchronously. Finally, this option was discarded and we used the Xamarin framework, as well as Angular to generate the views of the application.

On the other hand, for the ServerSide, we implemented a series of libraries in Symfony2-PHP, which were in charge of querying data from the databases and preparing them for consumption from the Mobile App, except for Chat controllers, where we had Of a mixed model, between MariaDB for data storage and NodeJS for delivery / reception of real-time messaging.

Apr 2012
Jul 2012

Developer Junior

McDonald Group (Freelance Group)

Barcelona, Spain

Creation / Implementation on Android / iOS devices of the EasyOrder application in McDonalds restaurants.

My position as Junior Freelance developer, with a team of 4 developers, who did all the programming tasks (Objective-C, CocoaTouch and JavaAndroid / MariaDB, MongoDB and PHP), as well as the development of integrations with management systems Internal adapting it to the peculiarities of this country, as well as the updating of data through API-REST designed by us with the proprietary CRMs of the brand ..

In the second stage of the project, the entire version of the application code was applied to a hybrid framework (ionic framework) in order to leave the structured code to facilitate its maintenance for future development teams.

Feb 2012

Freelance Developer


Barcelona, Spain

I have worked in various mobile applications / Desktop, some personal and others with final customers behind. I have worked with a multitude of technologies in these applications.

I currently have more than 50 Apps in the various stores, as well as various contributions in well-known portals / apps.

Among the best known are:

- Loovo
- WallaPop
- Chicfy
- Boardfly
- MyTaxi


Sep 2010
Sep 2014

Computer Science Engineering

Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC-FIB)

Barcelona, Spain

Jan 2016
Apr 2016

MCSA Cloud Platform / Cloud Architecture ( 95/100 )

Microsoft Academy

Madrid, Spain

Jul 2010
Sep 2010

CCNP - Networking

Cisco Academy

Barcelona, Spain

Jun 2009
Sep 2009

CCNA - (Various Módulos)

Cisco Academy

Barcelona, Spain

Mar 2015
May 2015

Elastix Certified Engineer


Valencia, Spain

The ECE course is a training that covers the knowledge and skills necessary for an Elastix® administrator or integrator to design IP telephony deployments, create distributed dial plans for large organizations, and solve common and specific problems.

















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VmWare ESX / vCloud

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Mikrotik CLI







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Sep 2017

NTT Data Business I+D+i

CPaaS UC Service

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