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Jun 2014 - Dec 2016

State supervisor and trainer

Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia

Saltillo, Mexico

Trained over one hundred people for different positions in a project to research the poverty in Mexico.

Created strategies to display the results and presented the results to the state and national offices.

Analyzed results and reported opportunity ares for tge work team.

Supervised member of the state team traveling once a week.

Anylized work according to criteria of national surveys to represent the total of the population to the state.

Jun 2011 - Jun 2013

Bilingual Teacher

Colegio Martin Van Buren

Saltillo, Mexico

Toddlers and preeschool age students.

worked with students with disabilities.

Implemented and strategized competitios for students in two languages

Communicated and reported to parents on progress of students

Jan 2011 - Jun 2011


System of Intelect

Saltillo, Mexico

Improve intelectual skils development for kids and adults.

Applied test in two languages. Spanish/English

Worked with disabled kids and adults.

Jan 2010 - Jan 2011

Child care provider

Au pair in America

Corpus Christi, TX, United States

Provided care for children ages one to five years old.

Assisteed a deaf child attend therapy and reinforced sign language and occupationakl therapy skills

Aug 2009 - Dec 2010

Social Science Teacher

Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila

Saltillo, Mexico

Teacher of Philosophy, Psychology and History.

Stedents fufteen to nineteen years old

Jan 2015 - Jul 2015


Instituto Nacional Electoral

Saltillo, Mexico

Supervised a team to organized the eleccion for governor in Coahuila State.

Jan 2012 - Jan 2014

Radio speaker

91.5 fm

Saltillo, Mexico

radio program satuday nights at 12:00 am


Aug 2005 - Aug 2009

Bacheloor in Education

Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila

Saltillo, Mexico

The bacheloor in education provide knowledge and skills to teach preeschool to high school ages and training for adults.

Design strategies in education, supervising.

Social reserching

Jan 2010 - Jun 2011

English as a second language

Del Mar College

Corpus Christi, Mexico







  • bilingual

  • training and supervising

  • teaching skills

  • results oriented

  • computer proficient

  • Generates and analysis of reports


Oct 2016

Instituto Nacional Electoral National testimonies award

testimony of supervisor of the election

Mexico City, Mexico