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General Questions

What is the difference between online and printed resume?

Online resume is your web presence, your personal landing page and online front cover. We created these online resume templates to be unique and different, to single out yours from the crowd of other resumes. Online resumes are just for web presence and devices not for print.

A printed resume must be bold and professional to impress the employer. Printed resume is used to send to employers via email in PDF format or to carry on a job interview and personal contact with the employer.


Why online resume does not have the same style as the printed resume?

These are the reasons why online resumes do not have the same layout and style as printed resumes:


Our online resume templates have used a lot of color, they are long, wide and they are intended solely for web and computer screens. Just imagine how much color is needed for one print of your online resume.


There is a certain standard to printed resume should look like. A printed resume must be corporate, simple, clear, bold and professional. To follow a standard that is required for a professional approach. Therefore, it is not professional to print a resume with lots of colors, because that will be rejected immediately by the recruiter.


Online resume is as its name says, designed for online use only, while the printed resume only intended for the press, or send via email in PDF format. Online resume templates have a completely different layout and style of the printed resume. They are designed so intentionally. That is clearlly stated on our homepage. A printed resume must be corporate, simple, clear, bold and professional. To follow a standard that is required for a professional approach. Online resume template is designed only to be online support to your printed resume. Something like a personal cover, web site or landing page and just for that, nothing more.

Why should I use ResumeRepublic?

Because it’s the 21st century! Resumes are no longer just a piece of paper, they are published online. Today, resumes are in clouds.

You can create new awesome online resumes with cover letters and send them directly to employers.

You can change the appearance of your resume and promote it on all social networks.

You can also print your resume and cover letter and use them like conventional resumes when you go for a job interview.

I haven’t received a confirmation email. What should I do?

There are several possible solutions.

  • The confirmation email might have been filtered by your spam blocker. Please check your spam folder.
  • You might have entered incorrectly your email address. Try signing up again at The sign up form will tell you if your email has already been registered. If it’s not in the system, you can continue signing up with your correct email address.
  • Some companies filter automatic emails. Try using your personal email address.
  • We are unable to manually confirm emails returned by anti-spam services. Please use a different email address for your ResumeRepublic account.

I lost my password. What should I do?

You can reset your password at under password change.

Why is there a number at the end of my resume’s URL?

That’s because someone with the same name as you has already signed up.

What is your refund policy?

Even though we have Free Account in which users can use our free resume templates for unlimited time and our products are non-tangible irrevocable, digital goods, for all Standard and Premium users we offer a 10 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with our product or service we offer and contact us within 10 days of your initial transaction, we’ll refund your purchase. There is only one exception to this rule.

“User has no right for refund, if his request for refund is because his printed resume doesn’t have the same layout and style as his online resume. Uninformed user cannot be our problem. All necessary information is clearly highlighted on our site, especially on the homepage, where are clearly stated differences between online and printed resume templates, so we expect that the user is fully informed about the service/s and the product he purchase.”


What are the differences between premium and standard club membership?

If you subscribe to the Standard club membership, you will be able to use one premium resume template, while Premium club membership allows you unlimited use of all premium resume templates with all premium options and extras.

Which payment types do you accept?

All payments are handled through our authorized retailer ( who accepts all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal and it has PCI Level 1 certified — the highest level certification possible.

How long does my membership on the site last?

Standard and Premium club membership last for one year, after which membership will automatically renewed, while Free Account lasts for unlimited time and it is unnecessary to renew it.

Can I change my membership type?

YES. You can change/upgrade your membership type any time you want, even if your subscription is still active. To encourage you to do so, we have a special offers and give promo codes often, so stay tuned.

Can I cancel membership anytime I want?

Yes. Absolutely. All users may cancel their membership on the site at any time. Simply go to Account settings and under Membership status you’ll see your club subscription with an option to cancel.

How do I delete my account or cancel my membership?

Free users

Are you sure?

Deleting your account cannot be undone. You will not be able to recover your resume.

If you no longer want your resume to be visible to others, we suggest that you simply “unpublish” it. Only you can access your resume when it is unpublished. Even if someone knows your URL, they will not be able to view your resume. To unpublish, click on Account Settings under the Privacy Settings and turn OFF Publish Resume on the Web. Then your resume will be unpublished.

If you really want to permanently delete your account, go to “” and click on “Delete My Account”.

Standard and Premium users

For Standard and Premium users this option is not automatic. You need to send us a request for your membership cancellation.

Is my subscription automatically renewed?

Yes. Standard and Premium Club membership will be automatically renewed at the end of your subscription period.

This is based on the date you signed up and is reflected in your statements accessible on your dashboard.

If you need to cancel your subscription, simply go to your Account Settings and under your Membership Status you’ll see your subscription with an option to cancel.

My Web Presence

I want to remove my resume from Google search results. How do I do that?

Our resumes are tagged no cache. We did this so that potential employers and other visitors of your resume can not access previous versions of your resume.

I just created my resume, but it doesn’t show up when I search for my name on the Web. Why is that?

Your presence in search engine results is not immediate. In general, it takes two to four weeks to be well positioned in a keyword search for your name. Search engines send out “robots” that look for new sites to index in their results. While was built to optimize your presence in search engine results, we do not control the time required for a search engine to index your resume.

I created my resume more than a month ago, but it still doesn’t show up in search engine results. What can I do?

Your presence in search engine results is not immediate. In general, it takes two to four weeks to be well positioned in a keyword search for your name. Search engines send out ‘robots’ that look for new sites to index in their results. While Resume Republic was built to optimize your presence in search engine results, we do not control the time required for a search engine to index your resume.
Ensure that your privacy settings are configured for search engine indexing
To control your privacy settings, click on “Account Settings”, then click on “Privacy Settings”. To be visible to search engines, select:

  • ON” next to the option ” Publish resume on the web”,
  • OFF” next to the option “Protect resume with a password”
  • ON” next to the option ” Broadcast on search engines”

 Have you unpublished your resume recently?

Search engines scan the Web for additions, modifications and deletions. When you unpublish your resume, it is no longer visible to search engines. If a search engine happens to scan your resume Web site while your site is unpublished, it considers that your site no longer exists. Don’t panic. Just republish your resume. Within the next few weeks, it will be back in search engine results.

Tip: Leave your resume in the published mode — even when you are editing your Web site. If a search engine happens to scan over your resume Web site while it is unpublished, the search engine will exclude it from search results and you will lose your ranking.

Is an access code required to view your resume?

Resumes protected with access codes are not visible to search engines. From your resume, click on the “Account Settings” under the “Privacy Settings” tab and select “OFF” next to the option ” Protect resume with a password “.

I edited my resume but my changes aren’t showing up in search engine results. What should I do?

Search engine results display information stored in an index that is updated regularly. Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) directly manage their own indexing processes. ResumeRepublic cannot intervene. When you change information that is presented in search engine results, such as the title and description of your resume, it may take up to a few weeks for the new information to be displayed in search results for your name. Please, be patient.

Managing Free Account

Why is my URL contained of numbers and letters?

Custom URL is only available for premium users. URL for free users is created automatically from randomly chosen numbers and letters.

I want to upgrade to Premium, but my current resume is well positioned in search results. Am I going to lose my SEO?

Of course not! Actually, when you upgrade to Premium membership, we redirect your visitors and search engines to your new resume. Our Premium plan is a great way to improve and maintain your SEO.

In the process of creating a resume, I noticed that some options are unavailable. Why is that?

This is due to the fact that free resume templates are designed not to contain specific elements such as portfolio, services etc. These options are exclusive to premium membership.

How long does my free account last? Are there any hidden costs?

Duration of free account is unlimited. There are no hidden costs and you will not have to pay anything as long as you use a free account.

I just created a free account, which resume templates can I choose?

Free users are allowed to use FREE templates only. All resume templates allowed for free users are properly and clearly marked with “FREE” label on it.

Can I see how would my resume look like, If I were a premium user?

YES, absolutely. You can always choose to see how your data will look with a premium resume template, but You will not be able to apply any premium resume template on your data until you become a premium member.

How many templates I can save on my account?

Free users can save only one resume template in their list of resumes, while the number of changes on primary resume is unlimited. In this way even if You cannot save another resume in your list, You still can create unlimited resume variations, but every change You make must be saved over your primary resume.

Premium Club Membership

I have standard club membership and I want to subscribe to the premium club membership. Do I have any benefits?

YES. If you have Standard Club membership and you want to upgrade to our Premium Club membership in the first 9 (nine) months of your Standard Club membership, you will receive 30% discount on Premium Club membership and your subscription will be renewed for another year beginning from the day you made your new subscription. Note! You will not be able to use this discount after the expiry of your first nine months as a Standard Club member.

In the last three months of your membership, if you want to upgrade to Premium Club membership, you will need to pay the full price of Premium Club membership.

I just signed up for Premium. Where do I edit my resume?

You can edit your resume, review your visitor statistics and manage your account from


The more awesome resume you have, the easier you will find your dream job.

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